Merry Go Round



Everyone joins the merry go round at some point.

Feeling safe and secure, as the next turn whips

around the carousel cutting against chilled breezes.

The years spin astray, night and day telling their own story.

Seems like a good deal, but it doesn’t come with its own bread and butter.

At best, we try to connect with one another; building sentence upon sentence, spelling out our own history.





Written for the Sunday Whirl:  Wordle 231

Benjamin Thomas







Her countenance was sweet

and her lure was pure magic.

Unflickering eyes of pearl held steady,

streaming love in steady gaze,

spread wild like rolling spring blossom.

Its leaves giddily unfurled, elegantly creased

thoroughly unbound  and happily released.


Then fear  viciously flooded

chambers in the heart,

draining down to the veins.

The lines were drawn, but the facts still remained.

All vicious schemes were irrelevant 

for the attraction was extreme.

All barriers disintegrated

in the reality of their dream.

Written for the Sunday Whirl

Benjamin Thomas