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As a writer, I’m also a huge reader. Over the last 10 years, I’ve transitioned from someone who reads all my books in paper form to someone who uses multiple formats to get all my reading done. I love listening to books on CD and I always have a book on my Kindle app on […]

via Resources for Readers — Live to Write – Write to Live Great resources for voracious readers, bookworms and book lovers!


Diane MacKinnon is a writer, blogger, and master life coach. You can visit her website at



Tell me in the comments about your favorite reading resources and apps! 




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3 thoughts on “Resources for Readers via Diane MacKinnon

  1. I’m a hopeless read-aholic. For me, it’s writer’s reference material on the train to and from work (I guess you could say I’m on The Writing Train) every day, Kindle on my iPad on nights and weekends along with a well-worn paperback novel from my condo’s mail/library room. I try to review every book on Goodreads once a month, but am lagging behind a little right now.

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    1. Hah! That’s great. I’ve become a read-holic bookwormie dude myself. BTW I’ll send over more questions for your interview tonight or tomorrow. It’d be great to get a front row seat of your reading experience. I can’t wait!

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