Autumn’s Cascade

A Short, short story








It started on the darkest night of fall’s unyielding autumn breezes. Where the far countryside of Adam’s county was seized by blindness of nightfall. Even the moon took refuge amidst the clouds that night, turned its back, and refused to lift up her countenance. The night flexed the might of its grip denying every shred of light. No one really knew what happened to the power that night, but the people wandering in the streets took the black into their eyes, let it trickle up their spine, and whisper fear in their hearts.

They say the shadows keep their own, and what they don’t possess return to the light. Some never realized the essence of human nature is bound within the perpetual cycle of day and night. And some who never put off the works of darkness would never see the light of day.

That night the slow howl of wind was grinding, sifting all through Hartsville under its own hungry volition. Where it came from, or where it went nobody knows, and certainly no one really knew what it brought with it. Because in that solemn night; there wasn’t an inch of light, except in the house of Old man Bill.




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Benjamin Thomas


20 thoughts on “Autumn’s Cascade

  1. I really liked this; it is likened to a power grid failure or even more recently a DDoS cascading like so many call-and-response signals (“are you there?” followed by “no answer” from the affected, or afflicted servers, initially and the the “are you there”s of so many frantic users just being shunted off to other servers, until the overload becomes too much and all of the servers fail). DYN was not straight-forward with the public on that. Great story and thank you for sharing.

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      1. Fantasy, SciFi, and historical novels for YA (usually with crossover potential). I wrote a couple of MG novels too but they’re not published yet.

        At the moment I’m concentrating on a series of fairy tale retellings set in a world where steam-technology and magic collide with unexpected consequences. It’s a lot of fun, and for the sake of readers who haven’t read as many fairy tales as I have, which is practically everybody, I’m always including the original story in the eBook.

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