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I’ve been wanting to post my review of Marvel’s Luke Cage from Netflix for some time now. So here it is!





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Overall, this wasy a very entertaining, well written and produced series from Marvel and Netflix. They had me hooked from the first few episodes. I used to read Luke Cage, Iron Fist comics when I was kid, many moons ago. Although admittedly, I enjoyed Iron fist more than Cage. That’s why I’m excited they’re releasing Iron Fist on Netflix Friday March 17, 2017!!! But what they did with Luke Cage was absolutely phenomenal. This was a great series. I sad to see it end at 13 episodes.

At first I didn’t really like Mike Colter as Luke Cage, but by the end of the third episode he really grew on me. He comes across as the strong silent type. Like, superhuman strong silent type.

Second, I didn’t really like the first impression of Cage as a bulletproof, invincible powerhouse. Boring. Essentially there was no formidable opponent to match him. Which brings up my next point…

Third, I didn’t really like the first impression of the antagonist, Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. He too, was the strong silent type, but was no match for Cage. They really played into his weaknesses through the first half of the series in several aspects. Again, the antagonist was not formidable enough, seemingly, through the first half of the series. But to give it some credit there were several antagonistic forces. Such as Mariah, Cornell’s corrupt cousin and city politician. Shades who served as a representative of the stronger antagonist, Diamondback. Eventually law enforcement personnel was against him as well.  So there was conflict, but the juiciest conflict is in the second half of the series when Diamondback is revealed. Then the heat is on!

Overall the series was very impressive. Including the first half. I had to let the story play out over the entire series to get the full effect. Below you find some interviews with some of the actors in the series. They really did a spectacular job.









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Given superstrength and durability by a sabotaged experiment, a wrongly accused man escapes prison to become a superhero for hire.


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Watch “Mike Colter is Luke Cage!” on YouTube







Watch “Theo Rossi joins Thwip! The Big Marvel Show!” on YouTube





Theo Rossi plays the character “Shades” in the series and does a great job. He was one of my favorite bad guys actually. He has a knack for capturing the realism of the comic book character realized in a modern way.






Watch “Mike Colter and Mahershala Ali – Marvel’s Luke Cage Premiere” on YouTube





Hat’s off to Mike Colter for pulling this one off!




Watch “Simone Missick and Frank Whaley – Marvel’s Luke Cage Premiere” on YouTube




Simone Missick does an excellent job playing Misty “detective Knight” in the series.








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Benjamin Thomas





Brainwalker Blog Tour: by Robyn Mundell & Stephan Lacast!







by Robyn Mundell & Stephan Lacast
Genre: YA Scifi/Fantasy
Release Date: October 1st 2016
Dualmind Publishing











Check out a Q&A with the authors here!














  • Paperback: 258 pages
  • Publisher: Dualmind Publishing (September 21, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0997652519
  • ISBN-13: 978-0997652512
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches















Summary from Goodreads:


Fourteen year-old Bernard

Fourteen year-old Bernard is full of out of the box ideas—ideas that nobody appreciates. Not his ultra-rational father, not his classmates, and definitely not his teacher, who’s fed up waiting for Bernard’s overdue science project. You’d think with a hotshot quantum physicist for a dad, the assignment would be easy as “pi”, but with his relationship with his father on rocky ground, Bernard is under more pressure than a helium atom.

And Bernard’s impulse control flies out the window when he’s stressed. So instead of turning in his project, he moons the class and gets suspended. Now his dad’s got no choice but to bring him to his work. At the Atom Smasher. It’s the chance of a lifetime for Bernard, who knows smashing atoms at the speed of light can—theoretically—make wormholes. How about that for the most mind-bending science project ever? But when he sneaks into the particle accelerator and someone hits the power button, Bernard ends up in the last place he’d ever want to be.

Inside his father’s brain.

And it’s nothing like the spongy grey mass Bernard studied at school. It’s a galaxy, infinite and alive. Like, people live there. A mysterious civilization on the brink of extinction, as unaware of their host as he is of them. But there’s zero time to process this. Bernard’s about to be caught up in an epic war between the two sides of his dad’s brain over their most precious resource:

Mental Energy.

With his father’s life at stake, Bernard must go up against the tyrannical left side of his father’s brain to save the dying, creative right side. But how the heck is he supposed to do that when he’s just a hopelessly right-brained kid himself? (less)









ADD TO GOODREADS:  Brainwalker

WEBSITE: Brainwalker.net

BUY LINKS: Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback











My Rating


Four golden stars isolated on white background





What a fascinating read! I enjoyed the romp through the Brainiverse that Bernard takes us on in order to save his Dad, and even himself. He goes on quite an adventure to both sides on his Father’s brain in efforts to restore peace, communication and unity between the two cerebral hemispheres, Reezon and Intuit.








The authors do a great job of taking complicated brain science and turning it into an entertaining story to read. From neurons, microorganisms and organelles, it has it all. 









May this book raise your appreciation for neuroscience, physiology, the nervous system, not to mention the balance of intuition and logic within all of us. 














Benjamin Thomas