Book Review: Curious Minds A Knight and Moon Novel










 Enjoy the beginning of a new series with Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton, A Knight and Moon Novel! 
A definite 5/5 Stars.


 Janet & Phoef, give yourselves a high five! This was a great beginning to kick off the Knight and Moon series. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 
This was a humorous page turner. I enjoyed the playful tone displayed throughout the book. I found this to be a refreshing twist in today’s crowded crime writing genre. 

Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue! I’ve never seen a book that skillyfully utilizes dialogue like this one. Except for Janet’s and Lee Goldberg’s book, the Pursuit maybe, but this one is even better. Most authors are heavy on the narrative, or attempt to balance narration with dialogue. Not so in Curious Minds. This book is designed to exploit the dynamic relationship between Emerson Knight and Riley Moon by using excellent dialogue. This is a highlight of the book. The heavy use of dialogue means more exploration of CHARACTERS, which was effective and downright hilarious!

To use that much dialogue means the character development is off the charts brilliant. Not just the protagonists, but also the supporting cast and the host of antagonists. 
The depth of the plot is also noteworthy. Adventurous, entertaining, humorous, and full of suspense. 

You can pre-order the book now and is available Tuesday August 16th on 

Benjamin Thomas 

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