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Story of the Writer Interview Series 

with Honoree Corder


Welcome back to the Writing Train folks. We have a special guest with us today. Please welcome aboard the prolific best selling author, mentor and coach, Honoree Corder! If you need someone to help you turn your lofty dreams into practical, actionable goals, look no further. Without  the practicality of goal setting, positive affirmations, self-realization and execution, our dreams won’t be realized.




Honoree is a best-selling author of over a dozen books including her new publication Prosperity for Writers: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Abundance.  She’s passionately served professionals and entrepreneurs as their coach, mentor, and strategic adviser for almost 20 years. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Honoree over Skype recently but was unable to obtain an audio recording. So the next best thing was to post an awesome video of Honoree and Joanna Penn! How sweet is that! Two mega-entrepreneurs in one sitting. This is ten times better in my opinion. The video is very inspiring please see below.



You can learn more about Honoree on her blog at, on twitter @Honoree, or on facebook at

In her book she tackles first the erroneous and limiting belief system that we tend to tolerate as “starving artists.” That we can’t make it as writers or be poor because that’s the way it is right? Wrong! Whenever we say that we can’t make it, or don’t have the time to write we’re indeed affirming those beliefs. In November of last year I had my first written affirmation. I AM A WRITER. I WILL BE PUBLISHED. At that point I began to take myself seriously. So many writers suffer from fear and doubt they really need a change in their belief system to positive affirmations.



Learn more about it here.


Here is a foretaste of some of her inspirational, yet practical books.


Yay for moms!

TSSM Cover

Learn more about it here.



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Learn more about it here.  I just purchased this title recently and can’t wait to devour it. Productivity is not only about setting goals, but also how we manage our time.



Learn more about it here.

I just discovered the new Miracle Morning series:

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform your Life

The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers: Grow Yourself FIRST to Grow Your Business FAST (The Miracle Morning Book Series)

The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents: It’s Your Time to Rise and Shine (The Miracle Morning Series)

Prosperity for Writers Productivity Journal: A Writer’s Workbook for Creating Abundance


I asked some of my fellow writers in our Facebook group some questions we could ask our guest. Here’s what we came up with:

1. My biggest question is always what draws people into being educators or mentors? I’m really interested what inspires people to share their knowledge with the world. 

Honoree has always had a passion to inspire others to achieve their dreams by coaching professionals and entrepreneurs, including lawyers, executives, and banks. Currently she also does publishing consultation as a continuation of her commitment to mentor others.

2. What one thing does she wish she had known at the start of her career?

To have a checklist, a formula and create a time process for everything like editing, publishing, book covers, have an Amazon advantage account, use of social media (like twitter), and writing copy.

3. How can one practically accomplish their dreams?

Paint a clear picture of what you want through words or pictures.

  • Create a plan
  • Make a production schedule
  • Create a system

Honoree has multiple streams of income from her speaking, coaching, books, publishing, training and courses. First she wanted to make 10k a month and gave herself 5 years to do so. The production schedule was to produce 120k words per year and 90 days to crank out a first draft. It took her 3 years to accomplish her 5 year goals although with personal and professional struggles. Impressive!

4. How can writers successfully market themselves and their books?

Build up a solid author platform, the use of social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Be interesting and build your list of readers.  Use mail chimp with timely newsletters through email to get your name out there. You can use podcast interviews to build a solid platform. Give your books away, or a few chapters for free.


~If you don’t have a plan you plan to fail~


I was particularly impressed with her STMA 100 day plan. Which stands for short term massive action. 30 days is far too short, just barely enough to change a habit. A year is much too long and gives a lot of room for procrastination. So she’s been practicing this 100 day plan for 25 years now and it’s proven to be effectual. It takes 45 days just to build up momentum so 100 days is a good time frame. You set 3 total goals; 2 business and 1 personal, 6 daily actions to complete. Some of the benefits are you figure yourself out first. The best time of day the write, edit, rest and what works best for you. Honoree practices three 100 day cycles a year and has a review at the end of each cycle.  During the review time she determines what worked? What didn’t work? Why? Did I attain my goals? What did I not do? What do I need to achieve my goals? I love this. I’m totally not a planner, but I need to become one! This is so awesome. If you’d like to take her 100 day course it’s 50% off if you read her book Prosperity for Writers. 


Thank  you so much Honoree for joining us! Come visit us Again!

This is the Writing Train signing off.


~Keep writing because someone needs your story~



Benjamin Thomas










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