New Book Release: Midnight Obsession by Melinda Leigh







Wall Street Journal’s bestselling author Melinda Leigh returns with another epic thriller! Louisa Hancock is back in the hot seat, who will keep her safe? Can a ruthless, cunning killer be stopped in time?




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In Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh’s edgy new thriller, Louisa Hancock thought she was safe…but there’s a new killer in town.

When a mysterious package lands on Louisa Hancock’s doorstep, the Philadelphia museum curator can hardly anticipate the nightmare that’s about to envelop her. The package is addressed to her father—an expert in Viking culture—and inside is a ninth-century sword, a chilling thank-you note, and photos of two dead bodies in a tableau evoking a Nordic funeral. The gruesome images match a recent crime scene. But before the police can investigate the killer’s connection to Louisa’s father, Ward Hancock vanishes.

Sports bar owner Conor Sullivan wants nothing more than to spend his life with Louisa. Devoted and protective, he refuses to leave her side after her father’s disappearance. When a troubled young boxer he’s been coaching is suspected of the murders, Conor is pulled in even deeper. Desperate, Louisa and Conor take it upon themselves to find her father, but soon another ritualistic slaying makes it clear there’s a Viking-obsessed serial killer on the loose. And he has a new target: Louisa.




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Midnight Series:

Midnight Exposure #1

Midnight Sacrifice #2

Midnight Betrayal #3





This book has it all. Suspense, thrill, mystery, romance, action, hope. Does it disappoint? Nope. READ IT. Like, right now.














Melinda Leigh is also a participating author in this year’s inaugural launch of Mystery Thriller Week beginning Feb. 12-22nd. Don’t miss it!!





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