The Weightless Kiss of Truth


There’s a misbegotten truth,
weighing heavily on the tip of my wings.

Impeding the ascent to the height—
the cumulus flight to bigger, or better things.

Whispers of resistance, continue, in the
soft echoing of resilient wind it seems.

Companies of snow-capped mountain
ranges now break upon my sight.

Arises now a forgotten strength, and
defiance—to engage in a bitter fight.

Suddenly a pang of thought, rushes to
mind, and its presence was just right.

I bear no burden, I need no wings, the truth is
weightless—instantly I am light.

I am lighter than the restless, ageless wind.
I am lighter than the veiled, open air known to men.

Lighter than tenfold painful lies.
Lighter than the unheard strangled cries—

For the swift healing of crippled wings.
Or laments that the mourning dove always brings.

Lighter than the feigned beast, we call doubt.
Lighter than the wicked, weighted world of pout.

Lighter than the futile, hurled exercise of hate.
And soon—

I just evaporate.


For I am lighter than the lightest of them all.
For I’ve become the Paraclete, unsung molecule,
of small—

Belief. Relief.

Even until this very day.
No one knows the mystery, so they say.

Who wrongly assumed a premature victory,
in the gist of a weak, fledgling history.

But you’ll never know where I’ll be.
Perhaps, when you round the corner—

There I’ll be.
But don’t be surprised when you see…

The weightless kiss of truth—
from me.

© Benjamin Thomas

The World in your Hands

New Future Technology within Palm of Your Hand


Get in.  It’s time for a ride.  I’m glad you could join us. 

This is a very historical moment ladies and gents, for it’s the first post of many to come.  I’m hoping to keep the ink wet with words flowing smoothly from the heart to the page.  But this blog isn’t just about me.  It’s you and I intertwined as part of the writing community.  Awesome right?  Writers are the most intriguing people on Earth.  Hands down and second to none.  That means your awesome.

Question.  What if the whole world was in your hands?  What would you do with it?  If you could feel the breadth, width of the entire earth in the grip of your palm?

As writers we may have many fears that ultimately slaughter our dreams of being successful.   Maybe it’s the grim reaper, the killer of dreams.  But okay, so let’s not blame the grim reaper for now.  How about us?  We’re our own worst critic.  Doubt.  Fear.  Dismay.  There’s seems to be an invisible tape recorder playing nonstop in the background.  And boy,  do we know that tune.  We fall for it every time.  Hook, line, and sinker.  “You’ll never make it, you’re simply not good enough.  You’ll never be a writer”.  Or I suppose it could be a fierce zombie crazed energizer bunny, running around demonizing all the would be authors.  Is that what we really fear?  Is success that scary?

Well, I’m no different than the next.  Fears abound.  But hey, let’s turn the tables on ol’ grim.  Embrace the fear, gaze sternly back in it’s fickle eye and welcome him with open arms.  In other words, it’s an opportunity to learn something.  It’s called writing.  I’m discovering that writing is largely a learning process.  A marvelous lifelong learning marathon versus an all out weekend sprint.  A craft that can be learned with training, practice, hiccups, coffee and mistakes.  Yup. Mistakes.  Lots of them.  How else can one learn anything?  I’m certain that no bestselling author hasn’t taken this road.  It’s a long rugged road.  How far will you go?  Don’t travel alone and definitely don’t quit.  It’s a long way back.  Join the train instead.

I’m all in.  How about you?


The world is in your hands, open your eyes and make it yours.  Why not give it a story?


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Well, until the next time…